Photographers / Ali Nasseri

As a photographer Ali Nasseri is an anomaly. On one hand he is a purest, shooting all his personal work on film with Leica cameras, however the photographs he creates are anything but classical. His work is provocative, polarising, sometimes ugly, always raw. He is the sort of photographer that you love or you don’t. His subjects are on the fridge of counter culture, his photographs are uncompromising. He presents a point of view that isn’t judgmental but curious. The inspiration from his documentary photographs inform his approach to commercial work, resonating with brands that communicate above all else with realism, candour and authenticity. His work has been published in books and magazines and appeared on billboards and galleries. His first monographs “Bondi Republic” published by Allen and Unwin and his second “Today is to Dance” independently, both sold out. His third book “The last slice” a documentary series about the closure of the iconic Sydney institution Frankie’s Pizza as well as his photographs documenting Kings Cross in 2012 right before lock out laws took effect are both to be released in 2023.