Art & Installations / Paul Trefry

Paul Trefry is a distinguished and internationally recognised self- taught hyper realistic artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, evolving from decades in the film industry.

Largely known for his thought provoking sculptures, Trefry has received many awards here and internationally, which, as seen him produce work for people such as Angelina Jolie, James Cameron, Ridley Scott and Baz Luhrmann.

Many of his pieces can be found in private collections.

With numerous articles published about his work and a strong passion for sculpture his career in the arts is evolving rapidly.

Sculptures By the Sea 2009
Brenda May Gallery group exhibition 2010
Sculptures by the sea 2012
Salon Des Refuses 2013
Sculpture Darling Park Exhibition 2013, (1 st prize)
Richard Martin Gallery group exhibition 2013
Kings College exhibition 2013
Kings College exhibition 2014
Richard Martin Gallery 2014
The International Art Contest 2014 (1 st place mixed media)
Salon Des Refuses 2015, (Peoples Choice winner)
Celeste prize finalist 2015
Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 2015
Blake Prize finalist 2016
Wynne Prize finalist 2017
Incinerator Prize finalist 2017, (Winner of Peoples Choice Award.)
Tom Bass sculpture prize 2018 (Curators Choice and Peoples Choice Award) winner
National Gallery of Australia 2018 commission for Hyper Real exhibition
Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama Japan 2019
Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition 2019
Salon Des Refuse 2020
Tom Bass Prize 2020, (Winner of Peoples Choice Award)
Wellington St Gallery 2021 (Solo show, Flesh for thought)
Art Renewal Center’s 15 th international Salon 2021 (Honorable Mention)
Sotheby’s New York Auctions 2021
Giant Gallery Bournemouth UK 2021
Wollombi Valley Sculpture Festival 2021
Tom Bass Prize 2022 (Peoples Choice winner)
Art Renewal Centre’s 16 th International Salon 2023
Sotheby’s New York Auctions 2023

Paul is only available for commissioned art works and subject to his availability and the wait list worldwide.